Thursday, August 25, 2011

5 Unusual Disneyland Tips You Probably Haven't Heard

Our family is planning a Disneyland vacation for the upcoming holiday season.  We have not been for a few years and never during the holidays, so I have been reading extensively about what is new, what not to miss, and how to enjoy the park with a baby.  Here are some of the more unusual tips you probably have never heard:

Tip #5--Earplugs--for children or adults with sensitive ears, earplugs (which soften but do not completely eliminate noise) are an inexpensive and easy solution for the louder rides and theater attractions.  They can also be used on the drive to Disneyland.

Tip #4--Shy Nursing Mothers can try nursing more secretly in the theaters (Muppet Vision 3D, Captain EO, Its Tough to be a Bug etc.).  There is a baby station on Main Street, but visiting it every three hours to feed a baby is unrealistic.  I recommend using a cover and simply sitting on a bench with the stroller parked in front of you.  But maybe I'll try the theater next time.  

Tip #3--Ways to save money on food include wear tight clothes, visit during a religious fasting period, and eat ramen type noodles for dinner in your motel room using a coffee maker or microwave.  Really people???  I don't think I will try these.  The best two tips I saw for saving money on food was to eat breakfast in your motel (find a motel with a continental breakfast or stock your room with boxes of cereal, nutrigrain bars, protein shakes in the ice bucket or mini-fridge, etc) and order ice water from counter service restaurants (the water is free at those locations) rather than pricey sodas.

Tip #2--Tie an old sock to your stroller, especially if you rent one at Disneyland.  The thinking behind this is that strollers, especially identical ones, are easily mixed up (either accidentally or intentionally).  Also, cast members regularly clean up stroller parking areas by lining up strollers which moves them around a bit. That can be confusing when you try to locate your stroller which has been rearranged in a line of similar ones.   Bringing a cheap item to tie around the handle can easily differentiate your stroller like a bright scarf or an old sock.  Why an old sock might be better?  It might better deter other patrons that intentionally swipe a stroller (either because their own stroller was swiped and they do not want to get a new one from the rental center or they are looking for a stroller without having to pay to rent one).  

Tip #1--Geocaching--turn teens loose on a geocaching  adventure (see  There are several of these high tech treasure hunts to choose from at Disneyland, California Adventures, and the Downtown Disney District.  Your teen can even leave a travel bug and see where it goes long after your vacation ended.  


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